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List your livestock 24/7 No Commission - Ever (24/7 Livestock Auction 24/7 Online Auctions)

Welcome to The Livestock Exchange! Home of the 24/7 Livestock Auction.

We are the world’s first and only premier, online live auction site for Livestock. As producers ourselves, we understand the challenges of not being able to reasonably justify the expense of having an auction/sale or simply being geographically disadvantaged. We believe we can make a difference, especially for the small producers. The Livestock Exchange provides an extended marketplace and robust infrastructure that enables livestock buyers and sellers to interact without leaving their farms or worrying about the high costs of auction houses.

A few benefits of signing up with The LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE:
  Geographically diverse audience (national or regional)
  No hauling expenses
  Livestock Safety
  Receive funds through your PayPal account
  Flat Fee Listings - No Commissions
  Online Auctions - 24/7 Livestock Auction

Sign up now and start posting your listings today! It's easy to sign up (1) SELECT THE SELL BUTTON (2) SELECT CREATE AN ACCOUNT (3) COMPLETE THE REGISTRATION FORM. Now you're ready to POST YOUR LISTING.

Questions? Contact us: info@thelivestockexchange.net