List your livestock 24/7 - (Classifieds & Auctions Available) Low Flat Fees (No Sales Commission - Ever)

Welcome to The Livestock Exchange! The 24/7 Livestock Auction

We are excited to offer an inexpensive web-based alternative to selling livestock. A couple benefits you may appreciate; our ability to introduce your offering to a more geographically diverse audience while not incurring the additional risk and expense of transporting your livestock - You may also enjoy our flat fees and zero commissions.

Sign up fee only $19.99 With NO listing fees!

When listing your livestock, we offer TWO alternatives; (1) Auction Format (2) Classified Format.

ALL Classified listings are only $19.99. Free!

Auction listings are only $19.99 for a single animal and $29.99 for two or more. Free!

Questions? e mail us at

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